Memphis Habitat's AIP Program Featured by American Society on Aging
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Memphis Habitat's AIP Program Featured by American Society on Aging

Chris Reeder Young, M.A., Memphis Habitat's senior research and evaluation manager, recently published an article in the American Society on Aging’s Generations Now digital publication. The article highlights the value of home repairs and accessibility modifications for older homeowners, which can help them keep living independently and safely in their own homes, save on household costs, and contribute further to their municipality's tax base.

Carrie Hawkins is an active and joyful older adult who cares for her grandchildren in her home. One day, she noticed leaks in the ceiling. "My roof was leaking everywhere in the house, and there was mold starting to grow,” Hawkins said.

Her utility bills were high due to air escaping through the damaged roof. And there were leaks and more damage under the sink. Rodents were beginning to be a problem.

"All of the issues in the home were making my granddaughter sick. She was having to miss weeks of school because of massive sinus issues,” said Hawkins.

“She's always been smart and made good grades, but if you can't see in class because your eyes are swollen or you can't breathe properly, you can't do what you need to do in school. I love cooking for us, but the lighting in my kitchen was so poor that I couldn't see anything."

On Hawkins’ limited income, she couldn’t make the critical home repairs or modifications to adapt and maintain her home.

Demographics Are A-Changin’

By 2038, it’s estimated that more than 10.1 million older adults will live alone, and of this group, households with people ages 80 and older will make up the fastest growing age group. As these individuals age, researchers find...

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Posted by Kim Morrison Stewart at 7:47 PM
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