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Hot Off the Press! | Spring 2021 Blueprint Newsletter

Dear friends, 

I CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH for supporting us through the  difficulties of last year. You really stepped up, supporting our homeowners and helping us meet challenges, like skyrocketing construction costs. During the holidays, you met Jasmine and because of your support, she will buy a home with an affordable mortgage this year.

Last year, you helped 16 local families purchase homes with affordable mortgages and 86 older homeowners keep living in their homes through Aging In Place (AIP) critical repairs. In 2021, our goals are to build 27  new homes and complete 160 AIP repair projects.

In early 2021, we hosted the Tennessee Health + Housing Summit, where we discussed the needs of older homeowners, looked at successful programs and how to move this work forward. (If you missed it, you can watch all 9 sessions on our website.) And we announced our new AIP goal — help another 1,000 older homeowners over the next five years!  To get there, we’ll need everyone’s help — including you. 

Our team also virtually joined more than 700 Habitat representatives in February for Habitat on the Hill, our annual legislative conference where we advocate for federal policies that support decent, affordable housing. In 2021, we’ll deepen our commitment to advocacy, seeking change and policy support from our elected officials, so watch for opportunities from us to share your passion for equitable housing with your elected officials! Make sure you’re signed up to receive email updates from us (especially our advocacy list!) and following our social media channels linked at the top our website,

Spring 2021 Newsletter

With gratitude, as always,

Dwayne Spencer
President & CEO
Habitat for Humanity of Greater Memphis

Posted by Kim Morrison Stewart at 3:21 PM
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