High Ground News article on TN Health + Housing Summit
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High Ground News article on TN Health + Housing Summit

High Grounds News recently shared an article covering our TN Health + Housing Summit, which looked at the need, current work, and future collaborative and growth opportunities at the intersection of health and housing as it relates to older homeowners.

“The need is only going to grow,” said Jennifer Molinsky, senior research associate at the Joint Center on Housing Studies of Harvard University. “By 2038, a third of our households will be headed by someone 65 and over, and the number of households headed by someone age 80 or over will double. The need for accessibility and safety features will increase, as will the need for assistance with maintenance,” said Molinsky. "Helping older adults remain in their communities as they age can mean they are healthier and independent longer. This is good for all of us, and makes economic sense as well."

Click this link to read the full story - https://lnkd.in/e3fvmcK

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Posted by Kim Morrison Stewart at 12:06 PM
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