GHHI Selects Habitat and Le Bonheur to Partner on Asthma-Focused Pay for Success Project
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GHHI Selects Habitat and Le Bonheur to Partner on Asthma-Focused Pay for Success Project

GHHI Selects Habitat and Le Bonheur to Partner on Asthma-Focused Pay for Success Project

We are delighted to share today’s news that Habitat for Humanity of Greater Memphis has been selected in a national competition by the Green & Healthy Homes Initiative (GHHI) to join Le Bonheur Children's Hospital in exploring a Pay for Success (PFS) model to fund home-based asthma interventions, including remediation of asthma triggers and resident education. 

On behalf of our team, we want to thank GHHI for the opportunity to be part of this groundbreaking partnership. We also offer our sincere gratitude to the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), which—through the Social Innovation Fund—is providing GHHI with the grant funding to explore this project.

What Are We Doing?
We’re all working together to conduct a path-finding feasibility study. GHHI and Calvert Foundation will provide technical assistance to Memphis Habitat and Le Bonheur to assess viability of a Pay for Success (PFS) project benefiting low-income children who suffer from asthma.   

If we are successful, children suffering from asthma as a result of poor quality housing will no longer require frequent hospitalization. Affected children will spend more time in the classroom, and their parents will spend more time at work. Asthma-related healthcare costs will be lower for healthcare organizations and for the families they serve.

Why it’s Important  
By contributing to this study, we are finding a new path to improved asthma care and reduced healthcare costs, at local and national levels.   

PFS presents an ideal opportunity for transformational impact in the care and treatment of asthma. “Research shows that 40 percent of asthma episodes are caused by home-based environmental health hazards,” said Ruth Ann Norton, GHHI President & CEO. “Much of this cost is born by medical and federal tax payer dollars, yet these programs provide little to no resources to eradicate the root causes of asthma. We have the opportunity to use housing as a platform to reduce the high cost associated with repeated hospitalization and emergency department visits due to asthma.”   

This project will also enable GHHI and Calvert Foundation to establish the evidence necessary to move public policy and garner public support for similar, future projects across the country.

How Pay for Success Works
The Social Innovation Fund, a key White House initiative, has the simple but vital goal of finding solutions that work, and making them work for more people. Pay for Success is an innovative concept that brings together private, public and nonprofit sectors to solve a social problem. A private investor provides up-front funding to finance nonprofit service delivery that benefits a healthcare entity, such as a local hospital. If the services provided achieve agreed-upon outcomes, the healthcare entity repays the investors. If the outcomes are not achieved, the public entity does not pay, allowing the public sector to receive the highest return on taxpayer investments. These projects are based on the asthma-focused PFS work being explored in Baltimore through a partnership with GHHI, Calvert Foundation and Johns Hopkins Hospital and Healthcare System.   

We’re excited to get started and look forward to sharing what we learn with our peers in healthcare and housing. In the meantime, you can read more about the project on GHHI’s website.

Posted by Jessica Hord at 3:18 PM
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