Stories: Meet Our Families | Who Does Habitat for Humanity Help? - November 2016
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Stories: Meet Our Families

Through shelter, we empower. Meet some of the families who have partnered with Habitat to build or improve the places they call home.

Halima and Ahmed's Story

Every parent wants a better future for their family For Halima and Ahmed, “laundry day” was no exaggeration. Their overcrowded apartment didn’t provide laundry facilities. Ahmed is a retail sales associate, Halima stays home with the children, and they only have one car. So once a week, Ahmed drove her to laundromat where she spent the entire day washing clothes, then waiting on Ahmed to pick her up after he left work. Now that they’ve purchased a Habitat home,... Read More
Posted by Jessica Hord at Tuesday, Nov 22, 2016
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Carrie's Story

Every child deserves to breathe easy in their own home. “They used to say, ‘Do you want us to count the raindrops? Do you want us to do some multiplication with that?’ We made it comical, but I didn’t feel good about it. Now I feel so much better because they have a place that’s cozy and warm and clean, and water’s not in there. They feel more at home, and I do too.” – Carrie, Habitat Aging in Place program client When the... Read More
at Friday, Nov 11, 2016
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