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Stories: Meet Our Families

Through shelter, we empower. Meet some of the families who have partnered with Habitat to build or improve the places they call home.

Halima and Ahmed's Story

Every parent wants a better future for their family

For Halima and Ahmed, “laundry day” was no exaggeration. Their overcrowded apartment didn’t provide laundry facilities. Ahmed is a retail sales associate, Halima stays home with the children, and they only have one car. So once a week, Ahmed drove her to laundromat where she spent the entire day washing clothes, then waiting on Ahmed to pick her up after he left work. Now that they’ve purchased a Habitat home, Halima doesn’t have to sacrifice a day with her kids just to have clean clothes.

Ahmed and Halima joined alongside other Habitat families and hundreds of volunteers to build 19 homes in Bearwater Park just north of Uptown Memphis during Habitat for Humanity's 2016 Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project. But, their journey to homeownership didn't just begin that week in August.

Ahmed working alongside volunteers during the Carter Work Project.


They, like so many other Habitat families, first heard about our affordable mortgage program from friends. They were living in an overcrowded apartment, and it wasn't safe for their children to play outside. After learning more, Ahmed decided to apply for the program. They were accepted into Habitat's program in March and began attending Habitat's homebuyer education classes.

Ahmed and Halima at one of their first homebuyer education classes.


They were dedicated. Despite a language barrier, Ahmed and Halima, who are originally from Somalia, faithfully attended 12 weeks of classes, learning how to budget, how to care for their home and how to be good neighbors. Halima's brother, a friend or one of their children translated for them each week.

In early November, just a few months after construction on their home began, Halima and Ahmed closed on their mortgage and moved into their new home.

The holidays are a time to give thanks and remember our blessings, and this year at Habitat, we have many. We are thankful for our sponsors, donors and volunteers who have helped make it possible for families like Halima and Ahmed's to spend Thanksgiving in homes they own. But we know that more Memphis-area families dream of achieving the strength, stability and self-reliance they need to build a better life.

Everyone deserves a decent, affordable place to live. Every donation makes a difference. Please give today.


Posted by Jessica Hord at 8:30 AM
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