Ms. Lovie's Story
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Stories: Meet Our Families

Through shelter, we empower. Meet some of the families who have partnered with Habitat to build or improve the places they call home.

Ms. Lovie's Story

Sunday dinners are Ms. Lovie’s specialty. In fact, you could say she’s an expert. She has opened her home — the place where she and her late husband raised 14 children —  to her family every week for 50 years.

Ms. Lovie loves her home and hosting her family there. But recently, she had stopped looking forward to those dinners as much as she used to. Ms. Lovie’s roof was in bad shape; her ceiling had collapsed; and her home was cold, wet, and moldy — bad for her health. And, with no railing on the front porch or handrails to help climb the steps, her home was dangerous. 

Ms. Lovie constantly worried one of her grandkids would get hurt. But she couldn’t afford to make repairs. Like many homeowners over 60, she lives on a small monthly income.

(Left - her old roof ; right - her new roof)

Because of support from donors like you, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Memphis was able to help. Ms. Lovie now has a new roof, and other repairs made her home warmer and drier. She’s less afraid of falling because of her new handrails and porch railings. Now, Ms. Lovie has peace of mind knowing her home is safer — not just for herself, but for her grandchildren too. She can breathe easier – literally. And, she still hosts family dinners every Sunday.

Ms. Lovie with her new porch railings.

Did you know Habitat does more than build new homes? Since launching our Aging in Place program in 2015, more than 400 Shelby County homeowners over the age of  60 have received the home repairs they so desperately needed. Most Aging in Place clients had been waiting 5 years or more for help. One-third thought they would have to move.

More homeowners like Ms. Lovie want to stay in their homes. And they need YOUR help


Your donation of $100, $50 or even $35 could help another older homeowner repair their roof so they’re warm and dry, install grab bars to keep them steady, and weatherize doors and windows to keep their home comfortable and their utility bills low.

“Wonderful!” That’s how Ms. Lovie feels about her home today. Together, we can help more homeowners feel the same.

Your year-end gift could help another older homeowner stay in the place they call home.

Did you know that it costs Habitat just $90 to purchase and install a carbon monoxide/smoke detector? Just that repair alone has already saved the life of one of our Aging in Place clients. A gift of any size will go a long way toward providing repairs for older homeowners. Please give today.

Posted by Kim Morrison Stewart at 11:51 AM
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