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TN H+H Summit Resources

Session 1 | Tue., Jan. 12, 2021
Embracing the Changing Tides: Preparing for Aging Health + Housing

Session 2 | Thu., Jan. 14, 2021
Data-Driven Solutions: Critical Research that Catalyzes Community Change

Special Video Presentation | Mon., January 18, 2021
The Urgency of Now - Healthy Housing’s Role in Addressing Health and Racial Equity

Session 3 | Tue., Jan. 19, 2021
Spotlight on the Volunteer State: Housing Interventions for Aging Tennesseans

Session 4 | Thu., January 21, 2021
Spotlight on Age-Friendly States: Health + Housing Interventions and Policies

Session 5 | Tue., January 26, 2021
An Essential Piece: The Health Care Case for Age-Friendly Housing Interventions

Session 6 | Wed., January 27, 2021
How Hospital Systems Use Social Determinants of Health to Create Value-Based Care

Session 7 | Thu., January 28, 2021
Philanthropic Partnerships: The Value of Health + Housing Investment

Session 8 | Wed., February 3, 2021
Making The Case with Dr. T

  • Strategic CaseMaking: The Field Guide to Building Public and Political Will, written by Dr. Tiffany Manuel (DrT), explains why even the most inspired and committed leaders have to work hard to make the case for systems change. By taking on an adaptive leadership approach, DrT redefines what it means to “make the case” and build public and political will. In these pages, she outlines the blueprint for Strategic CaseMaking™ - an evidence-based approach that strengthens your call-to-action, brings new champions forward, and aligns your stakeholders around your systems change strategy.

Session 9 | Thu., February 4, 2021
Showing up for Seniors: A Call to Action

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