Women + Land Access: A Memphis Habitat Women Build Webinar | July 22
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Women + Land Access: A Memphis Habitat Women Build Webinar | July 22

Women + Land Access: A Memphis Habitat Women Build Webinar
Thursday, July 22 at 11 a.m. CT | Zoom

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Memphis believes that everyone, everywhere should have a safe, decent and affordable place to live.

Memphis Habitat supports Habitat for Humanity International’s tithe program, which helps families around the world, in some of the most under-resourced places, secure housing to stand on their own and build stronger, more stable communities.

Memphis Habitat tithes support to Habitat Nepal, where women face land tenure insecurity and unequal land rights. Less than 20% of women in Nepal own property, in part because land is traditionally passed down among male family members, leaving women who are widowed, divorced, separated, or unmarried vulnerable to being forced out of homes and off their land. Habitat Nepal helps landless families secure formal land tenure and promotes gender equality by including women’s names on the land titles.

The 2 minute video below gives a short synopsis of the issue of land tenure and what that means for families in Nepal. (Click the square icon in the bottom right corner to make the video full screen.)

During this webinar, our panel discussed Habitat’s international work, how Memphis Habitat and other affiliates support that work, and a sample of the housing issues that women face internationally through the work of Habitat Nepal.

Our participants included:
Susan Yow - Director, Affiliate Tithe and Global Engagement, Habitat for Humanity International
Christy Stickney - National Director, Habitat for Humanity International – Nepal
Dwayne Spencer - President & CEO, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Memphis
Chris Reeder Young (moderator) - Senior Research & Evaluation Manager, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Memphis

Click here to watch this webinar on YouTube!

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To learn more about this webinar, how you can be involved in Memphis Habitat's Women Build initiative or how you can support this effort, please contact Sherry Rout, government relations & advocacy, at womenbuild@memphishabitat.com or 901-322-3552.

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